Looking to adopt a pet in New York?

We follow several New York based animal shelters and feel they need a helping hand. Why buy a purebred dog or cat when you can save a life? We’re proud to say our… Continue reading

Moon howls and cosmic scenes ~

Above image features our Vision of the Cosmos ring New item: Moon Howl vintage style necklace

Wolves in the news

Estimated Ten Yellowstone Park wolves killed in state wolf hunts – Don’t let this continue to happen! So far only Montana has put any effort into building a buffer zone, but all surrounding… Continue reading

Giving Back – Wolf Art for Conservation

Each day we are appalled by the horrors inflicted upon the beautiful wolves of the world. Because of this House of the Black Wolf will begin donating per purchase to one of the… Continue reading

A Spring Day in Winter

© House of the Black Wolf

Fun in the Snow

A few days ago we were bracing for a snow storm. We weren’t sure what to expect but going by weather reports it seemed it might be slightly damaging.  In the end, it… Continue reading

Inspirational Artists: Max Klinger

Max Klinger was a German symbolist painter, sculptor, printmaker, and writer born in Leipzig in 1857. An admirer of the etchings of Menzel and Goya, at a relatively early age he became a… Continue reading

Mini-shoot with Okami

If you’ve checked out our About the Artist’s page you might already know this, but Okami – pack leader of House of the Black Wolf – is a model (with such long limbs… Continue reading

With Vision of the Cosmos ~

Vision of the Cosmos vintage-style necklace. Now available on Etsy. This lovely necklace features a 1.18″ pendant. Chain is 24″ in length.

How we begin our creative process

Each morning we indulge in the beauty of the sunrise as we inaugurate the day. We eat breakfast amid lovely shadows cast by lace-trimmed curtains and decorative indoor trees. Whether fueling our brains… Continue reading